iReCall General- FAQ

What makes iReCall Recording different to other recording software is that extensive emphasis has been placed on security, accessibility, compliancy, simplicity, privacy and reliability for company use.

Recordings are accessed through a secure web interface. You setup and manage additional supervisor logins with the required access and permissions. The web server and related software is installed by Datatex technicians on site or via a secure remote connection. Full audit trials are available to allow tracking of access.

You can access any of your iReCall recordings from any device, at any time via our web interface. Additional supervisor logins can be setup with limited access to their group only and with limited permissions.

We have made the configuration and usage of iReCall as easy as possible and are continuously improving the software on a daily basis. There is very little to configure. It is easy to search for calls, play back and share recordings via email or a playback link, if required.

iReCall Recording complies with all best business practices related to the security and privacy of call recordings. This includes AES 256bit encryption, checksums and protection of private information etc. There are also full audit trails of all actions in iReCall.

AQM is an optional extra on iReCall Call recording. This includes functionality for creating templates which can be used to score individual agents’ performance in their interactions with your clients. It also allows for the random selection of recordings to be marked for scoring, ensuring compliancy with HR requirements. There are many reports that can assist in the evaluation of agents and their access compared to their co-workers.

Company Recording

  1. Calls captured from anywhere, with any PABX.
  2. Flexibility in recording method topology (PRI, BRI, Analog, VoIP Trunks, plus Analog, Digital & VoIP Extensions).
  3. Channels multiple recording method combinations into one single system.
  4. Quick and efficient retrieval of calls for immediate query resolution.
  5. Time-scale display timeline with selective playback capabilities.
  6. Access via any desktop device to call recordings and reports.
  7. Enhanced search functions including Call Type, Number of Tags and Number of AQM Templates completed.
  8. Powerful, multi-level search, tagging and in-line note capabilities.
  9. Recording software for IP recording can be installed on a virtual server.
  10. Automatic dual archiving.
  11. Efficient and safe recording data conversions, storage and access.
  12. Unlimited, multi-level supervisor access at no additional cost.
  13. Individualised supervisor permissions for Agent Quality Management (AQM), audit trails, dashboards, diagrams, additional modules, recording search, recording playback and more.
  14. Infinite groups and supervisor structures with multi-way group access for easy team management.
  15. Automated group structure diagrams for accurate group, supervisor and agent allocation.
  16. Custom AQM Template and Questionnaire setup and easy AQM Questionnaire sharing.
  17. Advanced Agent Status Review utilities.
  18. Multiple desktop interface themes for a personalised experience.
  19. Hassle-free installation with minimal downtime.
  20. 64-bit application for greater efficiency.
  21. Secure email connectivity – SMTPS.
  22. Comprehensive internet-based supervisor training.
  23. Free Application Programming Interface (API).
  24. Ongoing free same-version software updates.
  25. Automated system health checks.
  26. Automated software health-checks and error reporting for pro-active software management and resolution.
  27. Flexible, comprehensive AQM reports and call recording statistics.
  28. Comprehensive, yet easy to use dashboards for fast, easy Group Access and Agent Quality Management.
  29. Advanced supervisor auto-logout feature.
  30. Full compliance with POPI, FICA, FAIS, SOX, PCI, NCA and CPA requirements.

TNG-Enterprise Server (TES)

  1. Number Identification.
  2. Call Classification (Account Code Allocation).
  3. 3rd Party Billing engine.
  4. Record keeping only limited by hardware capabilities.
  5. Number Identification with user notifications via email.
  6. Account Code allocation or Call Classification with user notification via email.
  7. Mass PDF reports.
  8. Mass invoicing.
  9. Consolidate company reports.
  10. Company phone book with export facility for use by 3rd party systems e.g. GETSET.
  11. Different billing types from multiple sources e.g. SMS, 3G cell phone etc.

iReCall mobile is unfortunately no longer available. Google has officially removed the API for recording calls. Apple never had an API for recording.

iReCall Call Recording solution does have an bulk export functionality. There is however a cost involved for this type of exporting.

iReCall TMS allows CSV / PDF reports to be emailed as required or scheduled.

You do not have to inform them that calls are being recorded but we believe it is always the right and polite thing to do.

Section 4 of Act 70 from 2002 covers it. “Any person, other than a law enforcement officer, may intercept any communication if he or she is a party to the communication…”

Further reference:

Please note the above is specific to South Africa. For other countries please consult your respective laws.

iReCall recordings / TMS data will be kept for 5 years subject to client continue using and paying for the services. The option to expend storage period after 5 years is available.

Go to and please click on ‘I forgot my password’. Enter your email address and click on Reset Password. An email will be sent to your email address with a link to set new password.

Log into your iReCall supervisor and go to Admin (Administrations), top middle of screen. If you do not have the Admin, it is restricted on your supervisor access.

Click on Administrate Supervisors, enter supervisor email address and apply. Please note that the login will always be an email address and the email address needs to be valid.

iReCall will open a ‘Create a new Supervisor’ screen where settings and group access needs to be set. Once supervisor settings have been set, click apply.

An email will be sent to the new Supervisors’ email address with details to log in to iReCall.

NOTE: Further permissions can be set under Admin and Show Supervisor access.