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The core focus of Datatex is to develop solutions for call recording, management of calls and management of telephone costs. Whether you want to maintain high standards in your call centre, save on your telephone expenses or simply have peace of mind in telephonic disputes, Datatex has some of the finest telephony software solutions on the market today. It supports all of the top PABX vendors on the market to date.

iReCall Call Recording

iReCall Call Recording is part of our cloud based AMETHYST Call Recording and Agent Quality Management Suite.

AMETHYST is an industrial strength call recorder used by many companies all over the world.

iReCall Telephone Management Services

iReCall Telephone Management Service is once again based on our TNG Enterprise Server (TES) solution.

What makes iReCall Call Recording different to other products on the market?

Extensive emphasis has been placed on:

Security, Accessibility, Compliancy, Simplicity, Privacy and Reliability in Company use.

What if someone break into your offices and steals your servers? Are you prepared to share your conversations with them? What if your company burns down? Can you afford to lose all your recordings? Storing and safeguarding your call recording data can now become a worry of the past. With iReCall your calls are encrypted immediately and sent off to our cloud storage. These recordings are stored in a tamper-proof encrypted format and logged in audit trails to allow tracking of access.

We manage your complete call recording function on your behalf, which means that you never need to worry about employing specialized skills. Our efficient and powerful search and playback functionality allow for quick and easy retrieval of calls for immediate query resolution. Infinite groups and supervisor structures with multi-way group access allows for easy team management.

You have 24/7 access to your call recordings through unlimited, multi-level supervisors from anywhere in the world. Individualized supervisor permissions for AQM, audit trails, dashboards, diagrams, additional modules, recording search, recording playback and more are available. We ensure that you will have access to the most current version of the iReCall software at all times.

iReCall Recording complies with all best business practices related to the security and privacy of call recordings. This includes AES 256bit encryption, checksums and protection of private information etc.

There are settings to control access to recordings. This includes no access, user only access and group access. As iReCall is part of the AMETHYST suite there are also options to do proper Agent Quality Management on calls recorded on all devices. Devices can be linked to any number of groups and hierarchy structures including branches, departments, cost centers etc. to manage and control access.

We manage your complete recording solution for you. Recordings are automatically replicated to a disaster recovery (DR) site. iReCall also has automated system- and software health checks along with error reporting for pro-active software management and resolution.

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