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Dear Supervisors


For additional improved security on your Amethyst2 and iReCall and TES interface, we have implemented another new password policy.


In addition to the minimum of 10 characters prerequisite for passwords (upper- and lowercase), a new ‘I forgot my password’ link/button will now be available. Supervisors can use this button if they have forgotten their password and need to have it sent to them.


We are working on further security measures which will also be released in the near future.


Best Regards,

The Datatex Team


Dear Supervisors


For improved security on your Amethyst and iReCall interface, we will be implementing a new password policy with the next Supervisor software release.


This security measure will require supervisors to change their password in accordance with the new password guidelines.


After the Supervisor software update, Supervisors will be prompted to change their password the next time they log in. The new password would need to be a minimum of 10 characters, including upper- and lowercase letters. 


We are working on further security measures which will also be released in the near future.


Best regards

The Datatex Team


Microsoft Teams Recording • 30 June 2021

We know how important it is to record EVERY call. We have all the right tools for you to keep recording no matter

where you are working from.

We have only had positive feedback since adding Microsoft Teams compliance recording to our list of support

recording solutions in 2020.

Whether you need recording for hear-say, compliancy or quality management, we have got you covered

Contact us on or 0215924033 for more information.

We look forward to hearing from you!


Here's to a great 2021 • 17 February 2021

Dear Datatex Business Partner

We  cannot believe that we are already almost two months into 2021! We hope you had a wonderful festive season!

What better way to start a new year than by enhancing your solution?

We, at Datatex, have worked ceaselessly to provide our clients with only the best , adding several new and improved modules and features over the last few months.


If your agents are using Teams while working from home or the office, this option is for you.

Our recording software application runs in the Microsoft Azure Cloud to securely capture meetings and calls from anywhere.

Microsoft Teams call recordings can be stored on your existing AMETHYST recording solution or on the iReCall Cloud storage solution.




Stay up to date with our latest developments by upgrading your recording solution to AMETHYST² now. Receive brand new features and benefits. This includes our unlimited free supervisor licenses, mute option, secure playback link and many, many more! For only a fraction of your initial investment, you can upgrade to our 64bit AMETHYST².

After more than 15 years of receiving continuous updates and new features for free, AMETHSYT 1 will no longer be supported as of December 2021 because the technology used is now out of date. We therefore encourage our clients to upgrade in order to continue receiving up-to-date and innovative improvements to their recording solution.



When using our iReCall cloud solution you will always have access to all the latest features and software technology. It also eliminates a lot of hardware and skills overheads. Our iReCall solutions capture all the call data locally from anywhere, any PABX and securely stores it off-site in our Cloud environment with easy 24/7 access.

iReCall offers cost effective, pay for what you use, month-to-month billing and full compliance with POPI, FICA, FAIS, SOX, CPI, NCA and CPA requirements.



Cloud Archiving is an add-on to your current AMETHYST² recording solution. This includes cost effective backups and long-term storage of recordings with seamless access to offsite back-ups through your AMETHYST² Supervisor interface.



JIBE provides instant feedback from your customer with regards to service, sales, follow up, product queries, etc. It is a post call customer survey tool that is fully integrated into the Agent Quality Management (AQM) module of AMETHYST².

We cannot wait to improve your year significantly with all that we have to offer you.

Here is to a better year in 2021 for everyone!


Coming Soon! • 17 November 2020

Speech Analytics Coming Soon!

Speech Analytics is one of the fastest growing areas of the call centre technology market, and with good reason.

Nothing can tell you more about your business than analysing your customer calls.

What is it?

Speech Analytics is the process of transcribing and analysing voice recordings to find useful information and provide quality assurance for your call centre.

  • Automatic keyword and phrase detection with built in supervisor alerts
  • Automatic analysis of agent behaviour and predicts future behaviours
  • Lists of desired and undesired words and phrases
  • Speech-to-text with direct links to recording
  • Analyse thousands of calls or ad-hoc calls
  • Automatic call classification
  • Discover customer insights
  • Word and phrase search
  • Identify patterns

Be rest assured that Speech Analytics has the following benefits for your company:

  • Greater learning opportunities for agents
  • Improve Quality Management
  • Improve Customer Experience
  • Boost Call Centre Productivity
  • Improve Agent Performance
  • Provide Targeted Coaching
  • Cut Unnecessary Expenses
  • Identify Business Risks
  • Improve Questions

We have continuously been working on providing you with Speech Analytics. We want to ensure constant growth for your company.

Look out for our official Speech Analytics Release Notes soon!

Tip of the day:

Remember we now have Microsoft Teams Call Recording available for both our iReCall and AMETHYST2 platforms. Contact us now for further information.


Support Notice • 05 November 2020

Dear iReCall Client

Please be advised that our team will be performing maintenance on the iReCall servers Sunday evening, 8 November 2020 at 19:00.

Recordings will not be affected but unfortunately Supervisors’ access for playback etc. will be offline during this time period.


The Datatex Team

Playback Link Password • 14 October 2020
A change for the better!

We always want to make sure that our client’s suggestions are heard and appreciated. Your company’s security is important to us!

We have already told you about our playback link that we have built into the iReCall and AMETHYST supervisor interfaces.

NOW, there is additional security added onto this feature. If you have the playback link facility enabled, you will have the option to add a password to the recording playback link.

How to send a playback link with a password on AMETHYST:

  1. Log into the supervisor interface.
  2. Go to the recording you would like to send.
  3. Click on the recording you would like to send.
  4. Click on the ‘Show Email’ icon.
  5. Enter the email address you would like to send the playback link to.
  6. Click on include Playback Link.
  7. Choose how long the link should be valid for.
  8. Type in a preferred password for the receiver to access the link.
  9. Click on the ‘Send Email’ icon.
  10. The email with the playback link will be sent to the receiver.
  11. Provide the receiver with the password to listen to the recording.



Tip of the day:

You can start playing a recording at a specific time in the call instead of having to listen to it from the beginning when reviewing a call. All you need to do is click on the section where you would like the recording to start playing.


NEW RECORDING METHOD! • 23 September 2020

Microsoft Teams Compliance Recording available now!

South Africa’s Leading Telephone Call Recording Systems with Agent Quality Management Software, AMETHYST² and iReCall added another recording method to the existing list of supported recording methods and telephone systems – Microsoft Teams Recording. Our Call Recording solutions has always provided the ability to capture calls from anywhere, with any PABX and store all recordings centrally. Therefore, we are thrilled to announce, that our clients now have the option to add Microsoft Teams recordings to their AMETHYST² or iReCall recording solution.

Want to know how it works?

The Teams Recorder is a software application running in the Microsoft Azure Cloud. It can be installed on either Datatex virtual machines or clients can provide their own virtual machines within the Microsoft Azure Cloud Services environment. For each Microsoft Teams tenant, a recording policy is setup that will automatically include the application in Teams meetings and calls for specific users.

Teams recording solution includes recording of voice only, video is not included.


iReCall clients recording Microsoft Teams calls and meetings on either Datatex- or Client virtual machines within the Microsoft Azure Cloud Services environment.

Recordings will be uploaded directly to our iReCall cloud server.


AMETHYST2 clients recording on their own virtual machine/s within the Microsoft Azure Cloud servers environment.

Recordings will be uploaded directly to the AMETHYST2 server onsite.


AMETHYST2 clients recording on the Datatex shared virtual machines within the Microsoft Azure Cloud servers environment.Recordings will be uploaded to our

iReCall cloud server and recordings can be replicated back from iReCall to the clients AMETHYST2 server onsite.

Contact us now to get your Microsoft Teams Recording quote!

Tip of the day:

Keep an eye out for news on an analytics module that will be available later this year!

New and Improved • 18 August 2020

We have revamped our iReCall Website!

We are delighted to announce that we have refreshed our iReCall website to represent our amazing cloud-based product.

Our goal with this updated website is to create an updated, convenient browsing experience for our valued business partners. We will be constantly updating our content with helpful information and new features.

iReCall is our cloud-based Call Recording and Telephone Management System (TMS) offering. The Call Recording function is powered by AMETHYST, our industrial strength call recorder. The TMS is powered by TNG Enterprise Server (TES), our multi-tenanted TMS and billing engine.

Call Recordings and/or Call data is locally captured onsite and automatically uploaded to our iReCall Cloud server, which can either be done in real-time or scheduled as required.

We know you will enjoy our modernized design. It is easy to navigate and provides loads of product information.

You are welcome to view our website at and feel free to contact us should you need more specific documentation and information.


Tip of the day:

Attention JIBE users!

We now have a graph available for the JIBE questions report.



General Comments  • 21 July 2020
AQM supervisors/call centre managers – We have something new for you!

Did you know that you are now able to add General Notes at the end of an Agent Quality Management (AQM) review on AMETHYST and on iReCall?

The General Comment box makes provision for you to modify it manually in order to add different feedback sections. This space can be used for review conclusions, next actions, agent feedback or notes as required.

You can make it your own by using different fonts, font sizes, styles, lines, etc.

How to add a general comment at the end of an AQM review:

  • Log into your Supervisor interface.
  • Follow review process (find call to review, select template, answer review questions).
  • On the last AQM question, a speech bubble will appear above the “Finish” button.
  • Click on the speech bubble.
  • The General Comments section will appear, add your comments and finish.

Tip of the day:

You can only make use of this new and exciting feature if you have an AQM license on to your AMETHYST or iReCall.

What is Agent Quality Management (AQM)?

This includes functionality for creating templates which can be used to score individual agents’ performance. It also allows for the random selection of recordings to be marked for scoring, ensuring compliancy with HR requirements. There are many reports that can assist in the evaluation of agents and their access compared to their co-workers.

Contact us now if you want to add AQM to your recording solution!



TES Editing of Scheduled Reports • 14 July 2020

You spoke. We listened.

We strive to always improve, and we did just that with the latest change on our telephone management system, TES – TNG Enterprise Server.

You can now edit your scheduled reports.  You can change any of the criteria pertaining to the scheduled report – Frequency of report, format, email criteria, date selection including adding and removing of users, departments, branches etc.   

The option to be able to edit scheduled reports would certainly save you time, instead of having to setup a new schedule every time changes occur.

How to edit a scheduled report:

  • Log into your TES user interface.
  • Click on the “Schedules” icon at the top.
  • Click on the number ID of the report you would like to change.
  • Click on Edit Report Criteria.
  • Edit the criteria as required.
    • If the Department, Branch or Call Types sections are left unmarked, all Departments, Branches or Call Types will be included in the scheduled report.
    • If only some of the categories are selected, only those will appear on the scheduled report.
  • Click “Apply” once changes have been made.

Tip of the day:

Telephone Management Systems (TMS) provide the tools to assist you to reduce the abuse of your telephone systems, such as extensive private calls. It allows for better business planning, budgeting, and infrastructure decisions. We offer affordable onsite and cloud, single- and multibranch TMS options for any size business. Please contact us on 021 592 4033 or or for more information.


Support Notice • 08 July 2020

Dear iReCall Client

Please be advised that our team will be performing urgent maintenance on the iReCall servers Thursday evening, 9 July 2020 at 20:00.

Recordings should not be affected but unfortunately Supervisors’ access for playback etc. will be offline during this time period.

Once the maintenance is completed, the recordings will start uploading again.

Also note maintenance will be done on Saturday, 11 July 2020 between 10:00 – 24:00 within one of the data centres. This may affect connectivity to the iReCall services.


The Datatex Team

What has happened since our last exciting update • 19 May 2020

Here is what happened since our last exciting update…

Throughout working from home, we continue to work hard on improvements to provide better and more efficient solutions for you.

New AMETHYST features have arrived on the scene as requested by you!

  • The search value at the top of the Search Bar now has a filter selection to limit the search to specific columns only. You can search for a certain department in only the subject and reference columns, e.g. You can search for a reference number and limit the search, specifically to the reference field.
  • In the Search Bar, it is now possible to include or exclude all the sub-groups when selecting a group.

Improvements on the Agent Quality Management (AQM) reports:

  • The selection on reports, now provide the option to include or exclude all the sub-groups when selecting a group.
  • Multiple templates can now be selected on reports.

New JIBE Post Call Survey report available!

  • The new JIBE questions report allows you to see the statistics of your surveys. You will be able to see how many people selected a certain rating on each of the questions.
Thank you for all the enquiries regarding call recording of Microsoft Teams. Our development team is currently working on this as one of our highest priorities.

Tip of the day:

Have an IP PABX with IP Call Recording and still investigating how to record calls for staff working from home? Contact us to discuss recording of SIP trunks, Teleworkers, Extensions working via VPN etc. at 021 592 4033 or and

COVID-19 Important Notice • 24 March 2020

Dear Valued Clients
“It is during our darkest moments that we must focus on seeing the light.”

During challenging times it is important to remember that if we all work together, we will overcome anything.
In response to the global Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic and guidelines set out on Monday, 23 March 2020, we at Datatex Dynamics would like to inform you of the steps we have taken to keep our customers and staff safe throughout the crisis. In this unprecedented time, we would like to assure you that you will keep recording no matter what.

  • Datatex is in the fortunate position to allow all employees to work from home and have been doing so for the last few days.
  • Datatex will continue to work from home until the lockdown on South Africa is lifted to ensure that your company records at all times. Our priorities are to protect the safety  of our partners and to maintain the exceptional service that you have come to expect of Datatex.
  • All installation and training sessions will be able to continue remotely if your environment allows it.
  • All site visits will be suspended immediately and take place remotely. A report on the remote site visit will be sent to each client on completion.

The Datatex team is still within easy reach, telephonically, via email or video conference facilities.
All employees have been pulling together and we can confidently say that together we will master all challenges.

We thank you for your immense patience. We will be monitoring the current situation closely.
The Datatex Team

New AQM feature just out! • 03 March 2020

AMETHYST² Agent Quality Management (AQM), you will automatically be taken to the next question after completing a question. Now, you do not have to go to the next question manually. We do that for you!


You can also add a note to the desired questions. All you have to do is add a note before you answer a question. In this way you don’t have to click back.


How to add a note per question:

  • Access your Supervisor Interface
  • Go to the Agent Quality Management screen
  • Click on Select Recordings To Review Today
  • Select the Recording you would like to review
  • Click on Show AQM for this Recording
  • Choose a template to use
  • Add your notes in the comments section before answering a question
  • After answering a question the screen will automatically take you to the next question

Tip of the day:

Did you know, our Weekly Analysis report is available per Agent or per Supervisor to indicate the number of reviews performed per Supervisor and the number of reviews done per agent.


Support Notice • 30 January 2020

Dear iReCall and AMETHYST2 SLA Client

Please be advised that there will be a change in permissions from tomorrow, 31 January 2020.

The permissions to email a recording and to email a playback link used to be a single permission. You either had the permission to do both of neither of them.

As of tomorrow these permissions will be separated. A supervisor can then have permission to either one of them or both.

Supervisors who currently have permission to email the playback link will not have permission tomorrow. The Admin Supervisor will need to give the necessary permissions again, if they require this permission.

Should supervisors not be allowed to email recordings they are able to have permission now to only email a playback link which is only valid for the selected amount of time.


The Datatex Team

We have a brand new feature just for you! • 28 January 2020

You can now group Agent Quality Results into Categories!

On AMETHYST 2 Agent Quality Management (AQM), there is now an additional Agent Category Report added onto the AQM Reports page. The Categories are reported as per the AQM Question Pool Categories. By placing your questions in the appropriate Category, you can extract additional information now.

E.g. Creating a Category “COMMUNICATION” and placing all the questions in that Question Category, your Category report will then group these questions together, irrespective of which Section they are placed in, in the Template. 

This new Agent Category Report provides the average percentage an agent scored per category over the selected date range and selected report criteria. It also provides the average score over all selected agents per category.

How to reach the Agent Category Reports page:

  • Access your Supervisor Interface
  • Go to the Agent Quality Management screen
  • Click on Reports
  • Select the Agent/Category button
  • Select the preferred criteria for Agent/Category Reports, e.g. select agents, groups and categories
  • Select Preview

Tip of the day:

You can select to have our news emailed to you under your user profile. This is typically done if you do not log into your software on a regular basis but want to ensure that important information reaches your mail box.


Playback Link Feature • 09 December 2019
Are your recordings ending up in the wrong hands?

We have a brand new feature in AMETHYST and iReCall that will help you! You now have the option to email a link to a recording to a specific recipient. You no longer only have the option to email recordings with the fear of it ending up in the wrong hands.

Only supervisors who already have access to email a recording will now be able to use this new and exciting feature.

The link will only be valid for the selected amount of time. The options are 4, 8, 24, 48 and 72 hours, after which access to the link will no longer be available. The recipient will only have the selected time to listen to the call. Thereafter, they will have to request a new link to be sent to them.

How to send a recording link:

  • Access your Supervisor Interface
  • Go to the playback screen
  • Choose the recording you wish to send
  • Click on the Email button
  • Select Email Playback Link option
  • Type in the chosen email address
  • Send the link

Tip of the day:

This function will appear on audit trails to help keep track of where the recordings were sent to.


If you think compliance is expensive – try non-compliance • 15 November 2019


Did you know our call recording solutions have full compliance with POPI, FICA, FAIS, SOX, PCI, NCA and CPA requirements?

  • We conform to the provisions of the Electronic Communications and Transactions (ECT) Act No. 25 of 2002.


  • Our web server was developed from scratch alleviating the need for, or possibility of, external exploits, extra patches or 3rd party software, again ensuring we meet the strictest possible security requirements within best business practices.


  • AMETHYST and iReCall are secure black box environments, with various encryption methods used.


  • All recordings taking place are encrypted at source.


  • Our software can decrypt the live as well as archived recordings. These security measures ensure that the recordings are unusable in the wrong hands.

Tip of the day:

Stolen hard drives would be useless as no 3rd party software can decrypt and listen to recordings on them. All the original recordings stay on AMETHYST and iReCall for security and verification purposes.


We are PABX independent! • 01 November 2019

Do you need to change your PABX but want to keep your current Recording Solution?

The good news is Amethyst is PABX independent. We support any PABX and multiple concurrent recording methods to suit the needs and growth of our clients.

We can record your calls regardless of PABX and the phones you use. We can record any type of extension and or trunk lines.

So, whether you want to maintain high standards in your call centre, save on your telephone expenses or simply have peace of mind in telephonic disputes, Datatex has some of the finest telephony software solutions on the market today. There is no need to lose sleep about what to do with your current recording solution when changing your PABX system, thus no loss of investment.

Contact us if you are planning on changing your PABX. We will ensure that you convert, if required, to the best possible recording method according to your company needs.


Tip of the day:

The search screen should no longer jump to the top when you click on play or pause on a recording. Should you still experience this, please press CTRL + F5 together at least once to force the page to refresh.

New Agent Quality Management (AQM) feature • 18 October 2019


Wish you could skip back and forth between questions without answering them all in sequence?

You can now choose which questions to answer next!

There is a new drop down question list to support random question answering when reviewing a call. This is a new standard feature. Any supervisor with access to AQM will be able to make use of this feature.

Some benefits of adding AQM to your AMETHYST:

  • It is useful for maintaining a certain standard in addition to training purposes.
  • By using AQM reports, the supervisor can determine the efficiency of the call centre and improve on problem areas.
  • AQM aligns processes with customer expectations.

What is Agent Quality Management?

AQM is an optional add-on functionality in AMETHYST for creating templates which can be used to score individual agents’ performance in their interactions with clients. It allows for the random selection of recordings to be marked for scoring, ensuring compliancy with HR requirements. There are also many reports that can assist in the evaluation of agents and their performance compared to their co-workers.



Tip of the day:

How to use this feature:

  1. Access the recording you wish to review and scroll to the bottom of the playback screen.

  2. Select the required template from the ‘Select template’ drop-down menu.

  3. Click on ‘Do AQM’. The template will now open, revealing the categories, questions and answers.

  4. Choose which questions to answer in which order from the ’Questions’ drop-down list.


iReCall Maintenance on Wednesday 2019-10-09 from 20:00 to 22:00 • 04 October 2019

Dear iReCall Client

Please be advised that our team will be performing maintenance on the iReCall servers on Wednesday evening 9 October 2019 between 20:00 and 22:00.
Unfortunately Supervisors access for playback etc. will be offline during this time period.

Once the maintenance is completed the recordings will start uploading again.


The Datatex Team

Save up to 30% in telephone costs! • 27 September 2019

How do you reduce the cost and misuse of Telecom facilities in your company?

Our Telephone Management System is the answer!

TNG Enterprise Server (TES) provides various reports to support your company in saving telephone costs and indicate call traffic volumes. TES can be accessed by a number of people at the same time, from any computer on your network, since it is web-based.

TES is PABX independent and will fit to your company needs whether you prefer an onsite or a hosted solution.


Tip of the day: Budget and barring, an add-on to TES, allocates a budget to users which once reached, can either alert an administrator or block the extension user from making any further calls. Why not look into budget and barring along with a TES solution.

*Budget and barring is PABX dependent.

Contact us now to find out more!

Key Features

  • Combines multiple branch information into a single company view.
  • Allocates billing information from various service providers to respective TES users in order to produce an overall view of resource usage per user.
  • Company level phone book with CSV import and export features.
  • The identification of all destinations associated with unknown numbers. Business vs. private calls can be classified per number, per user or per call.
  • The functionality to do call classification which provides users the ability to bill clients for professional services provided.
  • Simplified bulk email distribution features. (Scheduling emails to thousands of users with a few clicks)
  • All users have access to their own call data.
  • Multiple user access levels per user, department, branch and company.
  • Extensive detail and summary reports in HTML, PDF and CSV formats.


Are you really listening? • 13 September 2019

We know you do your best with client satisfaction. How can you be sure that your efforts bring the desired results? We know customer feedback plays an important role in any business.

JIBE is here to help your customers communicate with you. The JIBE Post Call Survey Module is a helpful add-on tool to the AMETHYST 2 Agent Quality Management (AQM) which allows you to attain instant feedback from your customers.

The JIBE Survey Module takes the caller through a personalised series of questions and allows clients the ability to leave a message at the end of the survey. The answers are gathered and the results presented as an input score.

Benefits of JIBE:

Multiple surveys can be configured simultaneously on the system.

No need for additional hardware or wiring – fully supported on virtual machine architecture.

Speeds response times, which ultimately translates into increases in productivity and reduced costs.

Prioritise issues and developments.

Accumulate valuable information without involving the employee or agent.

Prevent having to use email or costly mobile survey messaging.

Minimal training required.




Contact us to find out if your solution supports JIBE!


Tip of the day: Are your employees wasting time by having to read long contracts after signing up clients? JIBE saves time by enabling them to transfer clients to a pre-recorded terms & conditions script.

Support Notice • 05 September 2019

Dear valued client,

We are aware that our iReCall website was not accessible between 5:50 and 7:30 this morning.

Our technical team is busy investigating why this happened to ensure that it does not happen again.

We would like to apologise for any inconvenience caused should you have been unable to connect.


The Datatex Team

Keep Calm and Archive On... • 30 August 2019

If you were asked to listen to an archived recording from 6 years ago,

how long will it take to find the misplaced hard drive with the recordings on it? 

 Now, AMETHYST2 users don’t have to spend a lifetime in a dusty storeroom searching through old hardware, seeing that iReCall Archiving is coming your way.

 Our iReCall Archiving keeps your old data which is only accessed occasionally. You will be able to mark whether you would like this feature or not. The system will generate your estimated custom cost. Once you have accepted the offer, we can go ahead and activate the Archiving for you. Once it is activated, the system will archive the data daily.

 Benefits of iReCall Archiving:

   •It is cost-effective compared to storing and maintaining substantial amounts of data in-house.

  •It reduces the need for buying or upgrading hardware to store non-primary data.

  •iReCall Archiving requires no special on-premises hardware.


Along with iReCall Archiving we will also be launching a new dashboard on AMETHYST2 Supervisor. You can look forward to the dashboard showing all necessary system related information e.g. disk space and whether iReCall Archiving is activated or not.

Feel free to contact us at any point if you would like any further information on iReCall Archiving. You can contact us at 021 592 4033 or at

Tip of the day: Did you know that as supervisors, you can MUTE sections of your recordings in AMETHYST2? All you need to do is double click on the section of the recording that you would like to mute and then click on the Mute button. It’s as simple as that. This means your company will be POPI Compliant and hide any sensitive information that should not be shared.

99 Problems, but a mistake ain’t one • 16 August 2019

Not sure if you are always on the latest Datatex software? Are you struggling to simplify your searches?

Does your review need to be reassessed? We have solutions for you!


We now have Auto Updates. Minor updates that used to take months to implement at every single client, now runs concurrently. If we have an exciting new feature or a bug fix, the software can be updated with only a click of a button. This will ensure that you constantly have the latest updates on your AMETHYST version.

The fixed list of recording durations in the search bar can now be changed to custom durations. You can insert a duration of your choice should you not want to select one of the given options in the drop down list. This will assist in narrowing down the results.

An Agent Quality Management (AQM) redo option was added onto AMETHYST2. This allows a Supervisor with the correct permission to mark a completed questionnaire as OPEN. Supervisors with access to review calls will then be able to make changes to the original score. The supervisor who made the changes will be logged in the audit trails. This allows you to correct reviews when the incorrect scores were given or if it needs to be reassessed.


Tip of the day: AMESTHYST Supervisors, did you know you can mark a recording for review manually on AMETHYST2 if it has not been flagged automatically? With the correct permissions all you have to do is look out for this button

Can you believe it’s August already? • 08 August 2019

What an exciting year it has been. A year full of many developments as well as lots of new features and functionalities.

This is your introduction to our News Feature!

We will share new and exciting features as well as important system related updates. We will never bombard you with unnecessary information. You can look forward to learn new aspects of your software and our company.

Tip of the day “News” - You can select to have our news emailed to you under your user profile. This is typically done if you do not log into your software on a regular basis but want to ensure that important information reaches your mail box.

Be on the lookout for our first post coming soon!